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Can we add extra time?

Yes.  Sometimes 5 hours is just not enough, so yes, we can go a little longer.  Additional time can be added for $100 per hour after the initial 5, at the driver’s discretion.  We want you to enjoy the afternoon and get the most out of your day, but we are not a party bus.  Please be responsible as you enjoy the Hill Country.

What kind of car will we be in?

We drive new model, 7-passenger SUV, Volkswagen Atlases.  “Merlot” red.  For those super special occasions we also have a 1939 Mercury “8”.  “Pinot Noir” red.

What’s the itinerary?

That’s up to you!  We can visit any of the 70+ wineries, breweries, or distilleries within 30 miles of downtown Fredericksburg.  There are also places like Luckenbach and Albert Icehouse.  Just about anywhere you’d like to go we can accommodate.  If you aren’t familiar with the area or it’s your first time, we are happy to help with recommendations and reservations to plan the best day.  One built around what you like and the type of day you’d like to have.  If you have your itinerary already planned, let us know.  We are happy to help make the most of your time.

Is gratuity included?

No.  Gratuity is not included in our price or in the price of your tastings.  Please take care of your servers, wine ambassadors, and drivers.  They are all working very hard to make sure you have an awesome experience.  Driver gratuities can be accepted in cash, or through Venmo or Cash apps.

Are pets allowed?

No.  As much as we love our furry family members we do not allow pets in the car.  There are liability reasons, but there are also many guests with pet allergies and we don’t want to take away from their comfort either.

What if I get drunk?

Please don’t.  Overindulging is never cool.  Yes, you have a designated driver.  No, that’s not a license to get blitzed. Please be a responsible adult.  It is illegal for the wineries to serve you if you are intoxicated.  If any member of the group becomes overly intoxicated, we will have to cut the day short and return home. 
No refunds will be issued for ending the day early.  There is also a $750 “cleaning and inconvenience” fee for vomiting in the car.  Have fun and enjoy the day, but don’t overdo it. 

How many guests can can fit in the car?

The VW Atlases comfortably fit 6 average size guests. The classic Merc only 4.

Are tastings included?

No.  We don’t include tastings in our price.  Not including tastings means we don’t have to be limited to where we can go, giving you more options.

Are kids allowed?

No.  We love kids and all the joy they bring, but liability insurance prevents us from allowing kids to come along in our vehicles.  21 or older please.

Can I Cancel?

We realize plans change sometimes, so we have developed a cancellation and refund policy we feel works best for you and our business.

Upon booking, your credit card will be charged the full service amount to hold the reservation.  
Cancellations or reschedules less than 7 days from your scheduled service will forfeit payment and will not receive a refund.  Refunds will not be offered for guests unable to attend. Please confirm your party size prior to booking.

Our cancellation policy is necessary to allow us the opportunity to provide service to others in case of a cancellation.

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