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Before We Go Play

Our mission is to provide the highest standard of service and ensure our guests have the best experience possible. To allow both to happen, we ask the following of our guests:

  • No alcohol is allowed to be consumed in our vehicles.  It is against the law.  We are not a "party bus" and must abide by the "open container" law.  There will be plenty of opportunities to drink during the day, so in the vehicle isn't necessary.


  • Have an amazing time, but be responsible and courteous.  Our #1 rule is for you to enjoy yourself, but please be courteous and respectful to your driver AND the staff of the local establishments.  We have great relationships with our winery friends and want them to continue.  Being respectful and courteous helps us do that.  Gratuities are always greatly appreciated.


  • Don't make us pull the car over!  Overconsumption is no fun for anyone.  If we feel we must cut the day short because a member of the party is overly intoxicated or being disrespectful, we will do so for the safety and enjoyment of everyone. There will be no refunds for returning home early. Remember, it is illegal for alcohol providers to serve you alcohol if you are intoxicated and are subject to fines and loss of licensure for doing so.


  • Please, no food or drinks in the vehicles.  As you will see, we take great pride in the cleanliness of our cars.  We want them to stay clean.  We happily provide bottled waters for the group and there are lots of delicious food options along the wine trail.  All with better scenery!


  • No children under 21 or pets.  We love kids and our furry friends, but for liability reasons, we cannot allow either in our vehicles. Many guests also have pet allergies and we don’t want to take away from their comfort.


  • Cancelations: Upon booking, your credit card will be charged a nonrefundable $1.00 to hold the reservation.Cancellations 7 days or more prior to scheduled pick up will not be subject to additional charges. Cancellations less than 7 days but more than 72 hours prior to scheduled pick up will be charged cancellation fee of $100. Cancellations less than 72 hours will be charged a full booking fee of $260. A "No Show" will be charged for your full scheduled reservation total.Our cancellation policy is necessary to allow us the opportunity to provide service to others in case of a cancellation.


In return for your cooperation with these guidelines, we promise to provide safe transportation for your group around the area, to be courteous and respectful to you, and to be an integral part of an amazing afternoon taking in the best of the Texas Wine Country.  

Now let's GO PLAY!

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