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Fredericksburg and the surrounding areas of the Hill Country are some of the most beautiful lands in the great state of Texas.  Likewise, the wineries, distilleries, and breweries provide exceptional settings to take it all in.  Add exceptional shops, historical stops, and delicious bites to round out your stay.  Below are links to many of the area's options to sit, sip, and enjoy.  Whether you have a couple of old favorites or are looking to try something new, we are happy to help you build an itinerary you'll remember. 

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Pedernales Cellars.jpeg
Slate Mill Wine Collective.jpeg
Slate Theory Winery .jpeg
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Southold Farm & Cellar.jpeg
Texas Wine Collective.jpeg
Wedding Oak Winery.jpeg
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William Chris Vineyards.jpeg
Kerville Hills Winery.jpeg
Wine Garage.jpeg
Horn Winery.jpeg
Siboney Cellars.png
French Connection .jpeg
290 Wine Castle at Chateau de Chase.jpeg
12 Fires Winery.jpeg
Untamed Wine Estates.jpeg
Covington Hill Winery .jpeg
Pebble Rock Cellars.jpeg
Crowson Winery .jpeg
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